At Cocktail Stars we love a nice glass of Champagne, either on its own or as a Champagne Cocktail, we like to source and sample some of the best bottles of fizz available and use some well known brands in our Champagne Cocktail events. Champagne is a premium product and comes with a premium price tag. However, spending up to £150 on a bottle of good Champagne seems nothing to these tipples!

Krug 1928 – £26,200


This beautifully antique classic comes from the Capital of Champagne making, the city of Riems. This Desirable bottle is renown around the world for being one of the sweetest most available of the vintage champagnes. This is due to its dry nature and its rarity of its grape variety. The champagne region of France usually only uses 3 grape varieties due to it being cost effective. However, with this rare masterpiece it uses all seven types for a sophisticated yet rare blend of taste.


Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam – £26,288

Dom Perigon White Gold JerobomThis vintage citrus and fruity blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Nior grapes, is one of the world’s most common expensive champagnes. Accompanied with the custom laser engraving on the bottle and the lovely sweet yet delightfully citrus like taste, leaves a much desired refreshing feel on not only the eye, but the palate of even the most prestigious of men. This purely for the rich beverage is sought after by most wealthy estate owners and champagne collectors all over the world.

Pernod Ricard Perrier Jovet – £32,860

Pernod Ricard Perrier Jovet This Champagne was made in the Epernay region of Champagne. This special bubbly beauty started production in 1811 and since then has been one of the best champagnes the world has ever seen. The home land of 266 is one of the most prestigious and authentic Vineyards in the continent of Europe to date.

Shipwreck 1907 Heidsieck – £180,735

Shipwreck 1907 Heidsieck This very rare and irresistible champagne was commissioned on a Russian vessel to travel to England and deliver the champagne as a present for the merchant navies role in the Baltic sea. On arrival to its destination it was ambushed by a German submarine sending it to the depths of the ocean for over 80 years. Finally, after 80 years in 1998 a group of divers recovered the bottles and sold this vintage antiquity for £180,735. With the original 160 registered bottles being now drank and damaged there are only 11 registered bottles in the known world. The only way now to get your hands on one of these bottles of historic significance is to wait your turn as there are already buyers looking to pay upward of half a million to get their hands on them.

Gout de Diamants – £1,200,000

Gout de Diamants
The Gout de Diamants (Taste of Diamonds) is a beautifully elegant bottle of champagne was born in the Cote des Blances region of Champagne. The beautifully hand crafted bottle its self comes with a 18 carat, white gold, Swarovski white diamond shape badge. Then reinforced with a 19 carat diamond for that added slice of glamour.