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When it comes to a themed wedding, venues and props can be difficult to master. A thing like mediocre weddings with a church or in a castle of some sort is always a good place to start, it’s where most begin their journey of a lifetime with the new other half. Why be like everybody else?

This is your big day and it should be what you want to do, not what you’re expected to do. Here are some summer wedding ideas that involve a Cocktail Stars Cocktail Bar and will make your wedding stand out and to be able to really make the most of the big day in style.

Lakeside Wedding Day

A lakeside wedding can make a romantic retreat on a lake of your choice in the UK. You can rent most lakes out for the day or at least a small field on the lakeside for a wedding. The main benefit is that on a summers day you can have a potentially uncapped guest list as field can be massive and all you will need are a few hired out gazebos and a group Cocktail Stars staff. Our mobile bar can be amazing in situations like this were no other bar is available. It can also be customised to be fitting for the theme of the celebration and our staff can help create the theme within your venue by tailoring the bar and drinks list to suit.

Forest Wedding Day

Forest wedding ceremonies are more a thing for the winter time where the weather won’t be amazing. The dark and airy feel to some of Britain’s pine forests give them more of a romantic edge in the evenings with the right amount and setting of lighting. Finished off with a more rugged theme to fit the aesthetics the forest provides can really go a long way into really setting the moody. Cocktail stars mobile cocktail bars can provide drinks to suit this feel with a low light cocktail bar and darker drinks like whiskeys, vodkas and brandy to be able to make the theme seem all that more inset. Uses of blacks, greys and whites can go a long way into really making the vibe that the whole theme gives off come across stronger.


Beachside weddings are less heard of in the UK. However, the south coast of the country offers a wide array of warmer beaches that you can enjoy on your wedding day. Setting a gazebo or large tent just off the beach its self for the reception and holding the ceremony on the beach, once the tide is out, can make a bright change from the usually had weddings in the church before a reception at a stately home somewhere. The beach weddings can be used to make the most of the British summer we seem to get so little of and can really leave an impact on your guests. Aiming for bright pinks, blues, greens and yellows with flower arrangements and ornaments before giving a white back ground of white seats, tables, tents and bar. You can really make a spectacular event at a very affordable price.

Cocktail stars can also again tailor to fit this theme through serving summer drinks like champagne and Pims on the cocktail bar. Along with a few other summer cocktail specialities we have up our sleeves.

Barn Wedding

The old fashioned barn weddings seem to be happening more and more lately so getting in before the trend takes off could give you the edge over future weddings. The barn wedding is ideal for a wow factor on a budget as it can be very retro vintage styled, yet comes in at a small price. You can customise this wedding venue for a country side and rural feel for a stereotypical rural Cheshire wedding or simply go rustic for that American look.

Cocktail stars again could serve beers and whiskeys accompanied by a wide variety of other speciality cocktails to be able to cater for this more natural and rustic theme. Along with tailoring to the theme with the bar through using a smoked oak feel to really fit into this idealistic genre.


Cocktail Stars can cater to all, if not then certainly most, themes and we are yet to face a challenge that we haven’t taken on and succeeded with. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and see exactly what it is we can do for you to make the best day of your life even better! Cocktail stars can tailor their drinks range, bar, dress code and anything else you could require to get your big day perfect.