We all know the stress when the kids are off school and they’re running about the house with their messy habits and trying to entertain them. However, why not simply relax when they’re in bed and just have some time to yourself with these amazing cocktail mixes.

The Pink Lady

pink ladyThis is a cocktail that you can use to show off with the friends, have a girls night in and relax with these feminine mixes. It goes perfectly with most parties as it has a apple taste and a transparent appearance meaning that any theme party is subtitle for it. per glass  you will need a couple of drops of grenadine, 1 large juiced apple and champagne (one hundred millilitres) then combine all of this and serve immediately. This amount only makes one glass so for more then add higher quantities.


Espresso Martini

coffe cocktailWith it being half term, the kids running about is going to make even the best mother tired. so when it comes to your time all you want to do is sleep, right? but what if you are having company over, you have to attend a work event or simply just can’t sleep. well, there is always this espresso martini. Perfectly for a awaking burst of flavour. Firstly, pour 50 millilitres of vodka, 35 millilitres of Tia Maria and one espresso shot into a shaker. shake all of that frustration at the kids making a mess and leaving yoghurt on the sofa right into this mixture so you get a nice smooth cocktail, then pour over ice, sit back and take the weight off.


Virgin coconut lavender lemonade

virgin cocktailGet 9 squeezed lemons (or short cut and get a glass and a half of lemon juice) then add a cup and a half of sugar, 8 cups of coconut water, 4 cups of water and pour them all into a giant mixer. if you don’t have a giant mixer then mix them separately in different mixers and switch amounts. shake until the sugar is dissolved then add to a pitcher followed by half a cup of syrup (this is down to taste if you don’t like it, don’t add it) but on a whole this cocktail is perfect for when the kids have to be at home and you can’t get any alone time as it is simply a amazing tasting refreshing drink.