Cocktail Stars collection of the finest gin cocktails in the last few hundred years, ranging from the common classics the the rare legendaries, take a look.


Perfect MartiniUntitled

The perfect Martini, this beautifully crafted little beverage tales the line light of all gin cocktails to ensure that it stays at the top spot. The classic gin and dry vermouth infusion dates back generations, this in turn means that the gin martini is nothing short of a legendary drink. To prepare a perfect martini you will need to get a equal ratio of gin to dry vermouth and pour it into a shaker. Violently shake the concoction, then pour it into a glass for ice for a perfect martini on the rocks. There is always room for a little change so don’t be afraid to experiment with adding fruit or citrus bitters.


ramos_ginfizzNew Orleans Fizz

This cheeky fizzy frenzy comes from the 19 century when Ramos Fizz invented it to be able to cope with the large amount of partying at Mardi Gras. To make it you will need to pour one and a half ounces of gin, half a ounce of lime, half a ounce of lemon, one ounce of syrup, two ounces of cream, one egg white and finally two dashes of orange flower water. Shake it heavily before pouring into a glass and topping up with club soda.



Corpse ReviverCorpse-Reviver-2

corpse reviver comes from it not tasting like alcohol in anyway so people can drink it when hangover to wake themselves up. This drink for that reason and that reason alone deserves our praise.  Making this drink to be able to help cure any hang over sounds like a grave task but in fact it is quite the opposite. Simply pour one dash of gin into a shaker, followed by adding  one ounce of Lilac Blanc, one ounce of lime, one ounce of orange liquor, one drop of absinthe. Swiftly shake the mixture, the longer you shake it the more the alcoholic flavours run down so experiment. Then pour out into a glass and use a cherry for garnish.


negroni2_2544999aThe Negroni

Favourite by the Berlin hipster scene and the indie cocktail bar scene of the east end of London this is a iconic cocktail signifying the arts of music, painting and drink making. The reason it is so common in these art rich communities is the simple yet revolutionary twist on a classic. The drink its self originates from Florence when a count asked for gin instead of soda in his Americano and it sparked a liberation of drinks for the hipster communities. Preparation consists of a simple method of simply getting one ounce of gin, one ounce of sweet vermouth, one ounce of Campari and shaking to perfection. Once shaken simply pour into a cup of ice to have a Negroni on the rocks.


Plymouth Gin and Tonicrecipe_plymouth-gin-tonic_i166_1200x800

This is a very little known cocktail and you will be hardened to find it in most cocktail bars or clubs in the UK. There are a few places that sell it but as its little known they tent to change the name and make it sound like there speciality. The Plymouth Gin and Tonic uses strawberry instead of lime. This may sound trivial but in fact gives it a much loved juicy nature to it. The drink itself uses strawberries as it is in the south of England it was invented. The Plymouth region had a large number of strawberry farmers come into the growing an farming business in the early nineteenth century and with so many coming in the prices were set lower for competition meaning there was more room for people to experiment and mix the strawberries with all sorts of foods and drinks to save money and in this case it has worked experientially.  To make this delight simply mix two juiced strawberries, half a pinch of pepper, two ounces of navy strength gin and top with four ounces of tonic before garnishing with a sliced strawberry.