Sparkling Candy Apple cocktail

Are you planning a Halloween party? Perhaps you want to wow your guests with some spooky       Halloween Cocktails. Halloween is an exciting time for children and adults, and whilst the kids go trick or treating, many grown ups prefer a treat in the form of a Halloween party. But grown up doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be fun! Make your Halloween part a bit more fun and exciting with some spooky cocktails! Cocktail Stars have been developing Cocktails and teaching people how to make cocktails for years so it is safe to say we know the best cocktails that people actually like to drink! We could share some very complicated recipes but when hosting a Halloween party you do not want to spend all your time making drinks so here are some really simple recipes. If you do want more complicated cocktails perhaps we can help with our mobile bars and staff or  you could come on a Cocktail making course.

Top 5 Simple Cocktails for Halloween

The Black Cat

Black Cat Cocktail The Black Cat Cocktail is a tasty Vodka recipe that is a popular choice, it’s dark colour from the raspberry Chambord making it look blood like and swirls round to make a rather creepy effect. The black Cat is very strong with a 4:1 ratio of Blavod Black Vodka to Chambord. Mix with plenty of ice and serve in a classic Martini glass this is a sophisticated looking tipple for the vodka loving Ghouls and Ghosts. The Chambord and Vodka mix is a popular falvour but make sure you add the ice to give it that thick ghoulish presentation. A few slices of Lime can enhance the flavour and look great for presentation.

Sparkling Candy Apple cocktail

Sparkling Candy Apple Cocktail

For those who like a bit of sparkle and fizz, the sparkling Candy Apple cocktail is a firm favourite. A shot of apple flavoured Rum, some lime juice, a teaspoon of syrup and sparkling wine (or Champagne if you are feeling flush). Mix the rum, lime and syrup together with cracked ice and pour into a glass with the sparkling wine or Champagne. The ghoulish green tint is perfect for Halloween and it isn’t as strong as other cocktails so your guests and you can enjoy a few more.



Potion de Muerto

potion de muerto cocktail Another creepy looking cocktail is the Potion de Muerto, just like the other Halloween cocktails this takes only a few minutes to make and will look impressive to your guests. You need 2 parts Hornitos Black Barrel,¾ part orange juice, ¾ part lemon juice,¾ part chipotle agave (Substitute agave nectar for chipotle agave if unavailable),2 dashes orange bitters and a ½ part beet juice. Really simply just pour all the ingredients into the glass with crushed ice finishing with the beet juice which will seep down slowly creating an impressive cocktail that is both tasty and spooky. You can use orange peel as additional garnish and is best served in a tall glass.

Chocolate Malted Martini

Chocolate Malted Martini

Let out your dark side with this rich and chocolaty cocktail. You will need 3 tablespoons vodka 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup 1 tablespoon chocolate malt powder (such as Ovaltine) 1 tablespoons half and half 2 dashes chocolate bitters (optional). Quick and easy, dark and decadent, this cocktail is for gruesome guests who have a sweet tooth. Very simply, put all the ingredients into your shaker, shake with some crushed or cracked ice then pour into your martini glass. This is a real Halloween treat and too many will make you feel as if you have gorged on chocolate cake. To make it really sweet you could add some chocolate sprinkles, or dark chocolate shavings.


The Brain Hemorrhage

brain hemorrhage
We have been quite gentle up to now, but a very impressive drink for a Halloween party is the brain hemorrhage shot, although it is a shot cocktail it is fun but we wouldn’t recommend too many, especially combines with the other drinks.

Taking a shot glass fill with peach schnapps and a dash of grenadine, then add a drop of baileys, or cream liqueur. The Baileys will clot with the schnapps into a brain shape. You can make it look more creepy with a splash of blue curacao but the classic just pink/red is just as good.

This shot is perfect for halloween, it looks gruesome and if you have any zombie guests they will enjoy eating brains!