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Are you participating in Dry January? Or just fancy a break from drinking for a while? Here are our top 5 non alcoholic cocktails that you can enjoy and still feel healthy.

Whatever reason you have for not drinking, you can still enjoy the fresh, fruity, or spicy combinations in a non alcoholic cocktail. At Cocktail Stars we promote drinking responsibly and always have a few non alcoholic cocktails up our sleeves for anyone who wants to enjoy cocktail making but doesn’t want the alcohol.

Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Here are our Top 5 Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Non Alcoholic Tropical Fizznon-alcoholic-tropical-fizz-cocktail

If you got a taste for Champagne over Christmas and New Year and don’t want to give up on the sparkle then why not try the non alcoholic Tropical Fizz. Getting fresh tropical fruit, we like fresh strawberries, kiwi’s and pineapple all chopped up to bite sized chunks, add sparkling apple juice, tropical fruit juice and soda water, no shaking required and just serve in a cocktail or champagne glass. Preparation time for this is less than 5 minutes, drinking time depends on you.

Shirley TempleShirley Temple

Possible one of the most famous non alcoholic cocktails around, the Shirley Temple, named after the child star, is a popular and refreshing cocktail.

Very simply splash 1 part grenadine to 8 parts Ginger Ale or Sprite, shake it up a bit and serve with fruit of your choice. Most people like a cherry, or a slice of orange.

The Shirley Temple is a big favourite with pregnant ladies as it is sweet and refreshing and not too heavy.

Pomegranate Mojito Mocktailpomegranate-mojito-mocktail

If you are giving up alcohol for the health benefits then why not have a non alcoholic cocktail – or Mocktail that includes a superfood. One of our favourites is the Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail, a different version of the nations favourite cocktail but fruitier than the nojito which is the non alcoholic version of the classic Mojito.

Made with mint, lime, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate juice some prior preparation is needed.

Put the pomegranate seeds into ice cube trays the day before top with water and freeze. Before serving, split the mint in half, reserving one half for a garnish, bash the mint and lime with a rolling pin to release the flavours. Mix the crushed lime and mint to the pomegranate juice and add 500 mls of lemonade. Pour over the premade ice cubes with the pomegranate seeds and serve with some mint leaves as a garnish.

 Nojito  nojito-virgin mojito-cocktail

The Nojito is the classic Virgin Mojito drink, as the nation says they prefer the Mojito to any other cocktail it makes sense that Mojito themed non alcoholic drinks appear twice.

The Nojito is a bit more difficult to make, you need 1 part lime juice and 4 parts soda water, brown sugar and 6 mint leaves. Add the mint leaves the lime water and the mint leaves in a long glass and crush together in the glass, for best results leave this for a few hours but if you are making them on the night just add the soda water and enjoy. You can also add other fizzy clear drinks like depending on your preference.

Garnish with mint leaves or lime.

Virgin MaryVirgin Mary

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Virgin Mary, an innocent take on the bloody Mary it is equally rich in colour and taste. Don’t be deceived by it’s innocent name, the Virgin Mary may be lacking in alcohol but is just as hot and spicy as it’s muse the Bloody Mary. Using similar ingredients of tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcester Sauce and lemon juice.

You will need a glass of ice, then add a dash of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of Worcester sauce, a few drops of Tabasco sauce , stir together and add 4oz of Tomato Juice whilst stirring. Some people like to garnish the rim of the glass with celery salt or sugar. I like to add a sprig of celery and a slice of lime, the green looks great against the red cocktail.

What is your favourite non alcoholic cocktail or Mocktail? Let us know in the comments.