Once again the age of the craft beer has ended and with the arrival of the summer heat, the entire trendy hipster looking guys with the big beards and the plaid shirts has moved onto their whiskeys. These offer a sharper and stronger drink in the summer’s heat. Take a look at our favourites.

The Tallulah

The Tallulah

This is a mix of;

1.75 oz. of whiskey,

1 oz. peanut orgeat,

Suitable amount of coca cola depending on your personal preference.

Firstly we will need to make the peanut orgeat, this may require a short trip to the shop but it’s nothing that most shops and cocktail bars shouldn’t already have in stock. Firstly you will need 2 cups of plain, unsalted nuts. Then get hold of 1 and a half cups of sugar and 1 and a half cups of water. Still all of this in a blender and mash it until it’s smooth. Then get hold of a tablespoon of orange flower and an oz of brandy, again mix all of this in a blender until smooth and make sure the entire mixture is completely liquid. Failing all of that you could always buy it online but you’ll get better results making it yourself.

Then pour the 1.75 oz of whiskey in with the oz of peanut orgeat and your whiskey and stir it until it seems mixed. Then you could always add option peanuts for garnish but that’s up to you.

Jalapeno and blood orange

The Tallulah

This Mexican little beauty is an amazing summers drink for every occasion and event, simply pre make or order at the bar before relaxing in the sun with friends.

You will need 1 cup of blood orange juice,

Two table spoons of Agave,

Half a cup of whiskey and a medium sized jalapeño,

Chopped and with no stem.

Grab yourself a shaker and pour in the agave, blood orange and the whiskey before violently shaking the mixture, add the jalapeños and serve on the rocks. Make sure you serve it on the rocks as the spicy touch of the jalapeño will leave you needing something cool.

14 is the new number 1.

The Tallulah14 is the new number 1.

This is a simple but elegant blend of 7 up and Seagram’s seven crown whiskey. This means that you can enjoy the crisp flavour of the lemonade in the hot summer’s day with the musky flavour of the whiskey to give you a swift after taste. The mixture is perfect for evenings as the sun is setting and the night is just getting started.

You will need;

4 oz of seven up,

1.5 oz of seagrams seven crown whiskey.

To crack on with the production of this magnificent mixture simply add 4 oz of 7 up into a glass before pouring 1.5 oz of Seagram’s seven whiskey. This will make the concoction perfect but as always you can edit the measurements to be able to suit your specific taste.



There had to be some form of scotch whiskey in the mix somewhere so we simply had to add the Presbyterian, this little beauty is fresh out of the welsh valleys despite many believing it has Scottish roots.

You will need 2 oz of scotch

Ginger ale 2 oz

Club soda 2 oz

All you need to do for this one is add it all into a glass and make sure your amounts stay roughly equal if the glass is bigger or you’re topping up, you can always change it later if it’s too weak or strong by tampering with amounts so keeping it even is a good starting point. Pour it over some ice making sure the liquid runs down the side of the ice for an instant cooling effect and then serve.


The Revolver

The Revolver

The Revolver as you can guess is a simple but elegant twist on the western classics. The drink its self originates in the Wild West and has an amazing blend of tastes for every pallet ranging for the cider to the subtle cinnamon sticks.

For this you will need;

5 cups apple cider

2½ cups Bourbon

¼ teaspoon ground cloves

¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 knob of ginger (about 2 inches), sliced

2 cinnamon sticks

2½ cups ice, plus more for serving

5 tablespoons maple syrup

Bitters (optional extra)

Then this cocktail is a bit more long winded but to counter act this The ingredients above make ten rather than one so you can prepare for the masses and it saves going through all this every time for one drink. First you need to get a pan and add the apple cider, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon to the pan and make all of that bubble, it should look like a witches cauldron with it giving off a lovely exotic smell, after mixing the boiling contents strain it all into a container and put it in the fridge to cool down faster (not the freezer as it damages the overall taste). Once this has cooled add the remaining ingredients to a large container and pour your chilled mixture into that said container. There should be a plentiful amount of cooled mixture so when you’re pouring it out for your guests or patrons the ice becomes an option extra but we would always advise it.