With cocktails becoming the latest trend in drinking, some of us long for the days were cocktail bars were something of exclusivity and they were a little more relaxed and empty before they hit the mainstream. That’s exactly what these little hidden gems have to offer. The exclusive bars and clubs are open to be able to maintain quality over quantity and offer the finest cocktails in the world. Here is our pick of the most hidden and highest quality bars in the UK.

The Boilmaker, Nottingham

This little hidden gem has taken the hidden bar to an extreme with its shifty looking exterior yet extravagant interior. The bar its self is hidden inside a little back alley store. On a first glance the store its self looks like a shady electricians store front, with little to offer anybody. However, walking in past the tall well built shop owner (who conveniently doubles up as a doorman) and you can go into the back through the “staff room” door before pulling the sink to open the wall into the majestic interior. This hidden beauty is themed as a vintage bar that offers cocktails through to the early hours of the morning at a very high class. The two bartenders behind the bar have been making cocktails for around 5 years at this venue for the famous and selected who are trusted with this well guarded secret.


The Milk and Thistle, Bristol

the milk thisle

The Milk Thistle is a small hidden away bar in the heart of Bristol. The unassuming town house looks to fit perfectly and has no signs of being a bar but once you ring the door bell and walk through the hidden door in the library you will enter a 4 floor colossal bar with different atmospheres as you get closer to the top and a bar on each floor. The staff in this bar don’t actually get paid and rely solely on tips. This may seem strange but it is so that the owner can ensure they make you as comfy as possible followed with making the highest quality cocktails they can make.




Ladies and Gentlemen, London

ladies and gentlemen

This bar is disguised as public toilets so that the average person would not expect what is lurking below. Once you enter the depths of the bar you will see the change from the public toilet like tiles to the dark whiskey and craft ale serving bar. This is certainly a manlier bar serving drinks that you would expect the big guy with the beard to drink. However, they offer literally anything in the way of cocktails if you ask them and what they can’t make they do some research and then make it even letting you sample it before you drink it so that you can see if it’s done right. This gives the bar its self a better welcoming feel for all of its patrons.

These three are the most perfect, tucked away bars we have come across. However for a truly tucked away and secret bar we shouldn’t be able to find it easily. If you know of a bar that you think is amazing and want to share it with the world then tweet us your selections!