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When planning a wedding, a big favourite with couples and guests are cocktails. However, getting the right cocktail can be hard and if not done properly could make or break the day for your guests. You will have some guests who can’t drink, some who have a sweet tooth, some who like the classics and finally those with very unique tastes. Here are our top four cocktails to be able to master everybody’s tastes on your special day.

The Non-Drinker

Firstly, those guests who can’t drink will need the most attention as they will be putting up with all the other guests antics all night. Be that good or bad so they need something special.  To make the non alcoholic cocktail you will need to make something that the other guests can’t see is non alcoholic to avoid that “why aren’t you drinking” questionnaire later on in the evening so we recommend a Watermelon Agua Fresco. Nobody has ever heard of it to know if its alcoholic or not so they should be in the clear.


Firstly, check list it;

4 cups of finely cut water melon.

Juice from one medium fresh lime.

1 cup of crushed ice.

1 tablespoon superfine sugar. (depending on how sweet you think they’d want it.)

Orange slices for the garnish.

Mint springs for the garnish.


When you have everything ready simply add the 4 cups of watermelon, juice from one fresh lime, 1 cup of crushed ice and the set amount of sugar that you decided on earlier and bung it all into a blender then allow it to be able to mix until you can tell it’s a smooth mixture. Once it’s ready pour it into a glass and add the mint springs and the orange slices to be top to be able leave it with a lovely garnish. This recipe only serves three servings so if you have a large reception with more than one person not drinking then you may need to make a mass amount to fit the needs of the few.

The Classic

Secondly, move on to that group who loves the classics and make sure you keep it classic. A standard Martini should be more than enough to be able to leave them satisfied.

Just like with before you should always check before hand you have enough of everything;

Two and a half ounces of Gin.

Half a ounce of Dry Vermouth.

Angostura Bitters.

As much ice and you can get (optional.)

Once you know you have these three key ingredients then make sure you have enough to make the amount you want as this is only enough for 1 glass. Then When you have everything you need then go ahead and get started. Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass and add the ice cubes, stir it for 30 seconds before straining it into a cocktail glass. Once strained add a dash of the Angostura bitters if desired then add whatever garnish you prefer in your martini. There are such a range to suit different tastes that you should always try to mix it up. Even though your guests are after a classic the change in the garnish twist may always be a hit with them.

Sweet Tooth

Thirdly, there is the sweet tooth. Aim for something in the chocolate fields, everybody with a sweet tooth likes chocolate it’s practically law. The chocolate will not only taste nice but it will look amazing and smell even better. Whilst you’re making Martini’s then you might as well make a chocolate martini to be able to keep the sweet tooth happy.

Check list it as always;

Two ounces of vodka.

One and a half ounces of chocolate liqueur.

Dark Chocolate.

Cocoa for rimming.

Once you know you have all the ingredients make sure you have the amount to be able to ensure everybody has enough, once you’re sure then you can begin. start by pouring all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes before shaking vigorously. Once shaken then rim your cocktail glass with the cocoa powder before pouring your mixture into the glass. Once that’s done then you’re all set to serve it out to your guests and allow them to enjoy it.

The Unique One

The unique one needs to be something a bit unorthodox, for this then we would recommend the Cope Verde. The sheer abnormality of it will make it so strange that I can almost guarantee that the “strange” one hasn’t bought it anywhere else beforehand.

Check list;

One teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves

Two teaspoons of kosha salt.

Eight ounces of silver tequila.

Four ounces of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Four ounces of water.

Four ounces of light agave syrup ( an a little extra for glass rimming.)

One medium avocado.


So when you are completely ready with all this mad concoction of ingredients. Get it all to hand and add the salt with the thyme in a shallow bowl. Then using your finger rim the glasses with the syrup you set aside and the contents of that said bowl. After you have done thing place all the other ingredients in a blender except the ice and do to town on making sure it is smooth as silk. Then pour both the mixture and the ice into a shaker and shake violently for at least 20 seconds. Then finally strain it into your rimmed glass and serve accordingly.

All in all these are the four main cocktails you should focus on when it comes to a wedding if you want to be able to keep the majority happy. If you disagree with any of these or want to see your cocktail party be amazing then please tweet us on @CocktailStars and we will do what we can to advise you on your cocktail party.