team building

Team building is an integral part of any successful company. This is through the many benefits it gives the company from boosted moral to productivity. Here are just a few benefits that team building can achieve within a company;

Raising Moral Through Team Building

The moral increase from team building activities can sometimes be colossal and in the long run a happy work force with high moral is more likely to want to stay that extra shift or come in on a weekend so in turn this will raise production and income. Not to mention create a much friendlier and nicer workplace

Stress relief, the team building events usually give the team a bit of a break. This is much needed if your workforce has had some high end, intense workloads for big clients or has simply been rushed off their feet with a number of projects. It allows them a little break to be able to relieve stress and let their hair down with their colleagues which is always good for moral.

There is also the reward aspect to teambuilding events. Tell your team that the team building event is a reward for all of the hard work they have done over the last few weeks. This will let them know that the company or organisation recognises the work they have done and understands that it has been hard and is now giving them a reward for it all. This will give the impression that their work has a greater purpose then just a day to day monotonous job.

Communication can also raise moral, so get management to go to the event and get involved with the staff and mingle. Management mingling with the workers is always good as it shows that management is a normal human being just like them and is on their side rather than having a manager who wouldn’t give them the time of day. This in turn allows them to be able to get to know exactly who it is they are working for and lets the managerial positions know a little more about their staff.

Integrating New Team Members Through Team Building

A new team member in the workforce can be up against a lot of pressure, team building can relieve that stress almost instantly through a number of different methods.

Integration is the foundation to a healthy workplace; this is due to the simple fact is that if people don’t feel they belong in a workplace then the chances are they will simply leave to work elsewhere. This is not good for a company as the last thing you want to be doing is putting time and effort into somebody and then that said person or persons simply leaves the company. Team building will force that person to integrate through being creative and getting to know his/her colleagues in a very creative and fun way.

The new worker might also not know who to look for when he/she needs advise on something or has a problem. The team building can go a long way into introducing them to the workplace and allowing them to get to know the people behind the faces of their colleagues. This in turn will allow them to know who is able to help them with certain issues and then who exactly it is they should ask certain things. This could be through the person’s role in the company or their domestic interests.

Finally, there is the friendship building aspect of the workplace. If somebody is going to become good friends with somebody in the workplace it not only integrates them but it will raise moral and productivity too. The worker is more likely to do what they can to stay within a company if they have friends there rather than move to a different company they have to start again at the bottom of the social ladder.

Boosting Productivity Through Team Building

The events work through communication and having fun and this in turn will boost productivity through a number of ways.

Firstly, it breaks barriers in the team its self. Some people within the work place may only get to communicate occasionally, on breaks in the coffee room or when the big clients need a big team. This means that these separate sub groups of colleagues may not know each other’s strengths and weakness’. Team building destroys this barrier and lets the workforce have an all out integration which in turns lets people know more about their colleagues and in turn lets them know where they are better suited in roles when the big clients do come about.

Secondly, if your team enjoyed the day then you could use it as a future reward if your team perform and hit targets. The cost of the event should be strongly outweighed by the productivity of your workforce and in the long run you will see more profits and an efficient workplace while also having a strongly motivated team.

Finally, most managers will simply get the best performers and put them on a team together when it comes to aspiring for the highest result. However, what if those said people simply don’t like each other then in turn don’t work well together? This seems frivolous but can be a common problem in the workplace. Team building will give management a chance to see who works well with who, this in turn will mean that if an important and high ranking project comes to the office or you need something done more efficiently than usual you know who will be able to meet the standard on a collaborative team through paying attention at team building activities.

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