beer cocktails

Cocktails are a mix of drinks, but not everyone likes spirits, some people prefer a beer, so we have put together our top 3 popular beer cocktails.

Untitled.png3Black Velvet

This cocktail is probably seen in every bar and pub at some point or another. The drink its self is a mix of champagne at the bottom followed by a stout poured on top. Carful as you pour the stout as it needs to be poured onto the back of a spoon. This allows the blow of the creamy mixture to be cushioned on its descent and to sit on top of the champagne without mixing completely. This makes for a perfect twist on the stout classics like Guinness.


UntitledHappy Mitch

This is a spicy twist on any Spanish lager like corona or desperado. The drink its self is a combination of the Spanish lager, hot sauce and lime juice. It boasts a spicy mixture with a kick to its personality. The blend of the smooth soft taste of the corona and the sharp spice of the hot sauce form a elegant blend making the drink irresistible. The mixture its self is completely up to you on preference and amounts but try to keep it sensible and add minimal hot sauce to your personal preference.


Diplomatic Stout

Finally and favourite is the Diplomatic Stout, this little beauty is a mixture of 2 table spoons of diplomatico rum, 1 table spoon of sherry and 12 table spoons of a standard stout. Make sure you chill before mixing so there is no need for ice in the glass. it only melts to ruin the sensitive yet strong flavour of the drink. You prepare simply through adding them all to a glass and giving it a quick stir or shake before serving immediately.


Do you prefer a beer or a lager to a mojito? Let us know your favourite beverage and any of your favourite cocktails.