The High end business types of London and New York have always liked there neutral colours. Blacks, whites, greys, chromes and so on. However, does this new black mixture hit the spot for the high end metro sexual?

The new charcoal cocktail trend that is sweeping across the lifestyles of the rich and famous doesn’t just come as a little cool new thing but also brings benefits as charcoal its self it a ancient Chinese medicine. The charcoal not only gives the drink a matte black sophisticated finish but it also brings the bitter yet smoky flavour into their life with the added fact that it is a natural healing aid and stomach pain reliever. In fact it is also thought to cure hang over’s so it may be worth the extra pound or too so you can get up right as rain after that corporate or share holders event with your partners.

The London based bar “Momo” has been the force behind the push on this fashion as the newly opened bar has clearly done its home work on the quality of its drinks. A drink that has a deep taste, health benefits, is alcoholic and cures hang over’s all at the same time couldn’t be anything less than a miracle in the cocktail scene. The nights in the bar districts of London will never be the same again.charcoal cocktail

Over on Shoreditch high street the bull in a China shop has put a twist on the new cocktail by using a Chinese bourbon based cocktail instead of the usual American bourbon. This gives the drink a little more a fruity flavour whilst still being able to maintain the obvious benefits of the drinks aromatic flavour. This breakthrough is due to the research that the two bars have done consisting of Japanese and Chinese healing methods to cure hang over’s. Putting these two things into a drink to be able to elevate that morning feeling was simply genius and the world will owe them their gratitude every Sunday and Monday morning from now on.