team building

Team building can be an intricate part to any business that relies on its staff to co-ordinate their work load. Places where projects and customer service are the foundations of the company tend to be where we usually see the most team building events, examples being travel agents or in an office that specialises in design based projects, that require coordination. However, most successful businesses have implemented a large amount of team building at some point or another and it’s about time you did the same.

When it comes to team building events there are lots of different ways you can really engage the staff and their skills but there are only a few ways you can engage their interests. The best way to do this is simply through having fun. This is where Cocktail Stars can help you out with our different packages to be able to tailor your specific wants and needs.

Our Team building Events

Our events are basically team building events that get your staff to apply their skills because they want to rather then they feel they have to. This is done through getting the staff to build their own drinks along with help from our staff in an engaging and fun way. When your staff our having fun they are more likely to involve those skill sets they had hidden away and learn new skills.

Cocktail stars offers a range of team building events, if you want something slightly different then what’s on offer below then contact us and see what we can do for you as when it comes to your experience we are fairly flexible.

Cocktail Teambuilding

This is the team building event that allows your staff to be treated to some amazing cocktails, alongside making some cocktails of their own that they will be crafting. When the guests arrive they will be treated to a cocktail that our staff have made beforehand for them. They will then be shown to their seat and our staff will begin to grab the attention of the staff with some bar spectacular bar fairing and ice breakers before giving the program and preparing the different teams for what’s coming up.

Once the participants know what they will be doing on the night and they are separated into teams they will be taken to various bars and cocktail mixoligist to be able to get to grips with different methods of cocktail crafting. Things like layering, flaring, shaking and straining, free pouring and muddling will all be explained in extensive detail.

Then, once we are happy the teams have a good understanding of what they need to be a mixoligist, we will bring around a bag with the different ingredients inside. Each team will draw two ingredients from the bag to make cocktails from. (The ingredients will be written on paper.) The cocktail they make will have to be something new and unique with them being allowed to use the different liquors and exotic spirits on offer but having to use the two drinks they picked. Each team will then work to be able to create both a drink and an advert. They will be then rewarded various points for various aspects of the drink and the advert by both the staff and other participants.

The teams will finally be told to create a drink to be able to represent their company and what it stands for. There will be some who take this serious and give amazing answers, then some who get a little cheeky around the edges and give comical ones. Both answers are welcome because either way the teams worked together as a group to create them.

Cocktail Team Building Events with Cocktail Stars will consist of either a one and a half hour session or a three hour session depending on preference.

Champagne Team Building Event

This team building event consists of Champagne and no cocktails. This is a wide variety or champagnes from accords the world and a taste test for your staff to be able to try and get a set of questions right before team building in a marketing activity.

Firstly, your participants would arrive and we would introduce them to our team and serve them all a glass of fine champagne before being shown to their seat. We would then run them through a brief overview of what exactly we have install for them through the event, before giving them a tutorial on the correct form for champagne and wine tasting and introducing them into the major types of champagne.

The participants would then be placed into their teams and each team would get 5 different champagnes for a “blind test”. This blind test is where the cocktail stars staff will supply the participants with different types of champagne and allow them to be able to try and guess some details of that said champagne.

The details would consist of the country of origin, the price range that said champagne would fall in and the type of champagne that said champagne is. The options being; Cava, Prosecco, non alcoholic sparkling wine, champagne and vintage champagne. Before selecting three external factors from a set of flash cards provided by the cocktail stars staff. Each drink will be given a score out of six and all the drinks total thirty points, the team with the most points wins.

The teams will remain seated for the final challenge of being given a certain glass of champagne and being told to make a marketing campaign for that wine. Nothing in-depth, simply a mock up. The main catch being that the team again know nothing about the champagne and have to work it out for themselves from what they learnt in the previous exercise. They will also have to present this to the other teams along with including key props and a name for the champagne they just created.

There will be prizes at the end for the best in the group and those who need a little improvement.

Moral Building Event

Maybe your team simply did something amazingly and you’re looking to be able to treat them with an all out party? Well, why not hire our mobile bar or our corporate events packages to be able to see what we can do for you. We can tailor to nearly any theme and have a wide range of variety in the way or bars that are completely customisable to fit your brand or image. We can eve change the colour scheme and the logo on the bars to suit.

If any of the team building events or the mobile bar package appealed to you then get in contact today for a quote on what we can do for you.