The new SodaStream machines are said to hit the big market selling machines that can make cocktails fresh for you on demand. This comes as the SodaStream was seeing low sales and wanted to change its market to tackle clubs, pubs and bars. There isn’t a price on the actual machine yet but with the numbers looking so high for the residential market it wouldn’t surprise us if it came in very reasonably priced. This will make it affordable for nearly everybody to buy in the future.

This will enable even the worst bars t be able to mix the correct cocktails quickly and precisely for their audience allowing them to give a better service or simply a service in general if they were previously untrained. It’s predicted that they will sell over 5 million models in the first year to residential and 100,000 to stores and bars in the first year.  If they hit this target it is more than likely that you will see them in a bar near you very soon.

It works through connecting to the internet through wifi or Bluetooth to your phone and will allow you to cycle through the alcohol selection on its front before it can create the drinks. It will then make the drink using whatever you have put into the machine along with changing the level of fix it gives the drink. This will allow you to have smooth or fizzy drinks depending on how it should be so nothing is very strange and unorthodox.

All in all it is safe to say that soda stream know what they’re doing on soda and sparkling water but when the house hold name comes to the mainstream drinks market they might not make it. Either way they should make some spectacular drinks in the future and we look forward to seeing how they get on.