Our cocktail corporate events are ideal for product launches, corporate functions, parties, receptions and client entertainment. Our world class bartender’s will provide an interactive sensory experience with their amazing flair skills, perfect for warming up your guests for the primary activities. For corporate functions, it’s perfect for promoting a fun team working atmosphere. Cocktail games are used to teach the whole crowd new skills by the world’s leading bartenders, and everyone will bond whilst having fun.

Why choose an interactive Bar?

Cocktail Stars offers several different formats, however most clients use the interactive cocktail bar for events such as networking events and pre-dinner entertainment. It creates entertainment however also allows guests to mingle. In fact an Interactive cocktail bar suits any social function which would welcome guests circulating at their leisure.

How It Works

The event usually lasts about 2 hours depending upon the group size. Guests can make a cocktail from the menu (which can be themed, colour, names etc). Alternatively if the guests want to get a little more creative we carry other products to enable them to make a bespoke cocktail.

We are more than happy to accommodate changes to the programme for shorter time periods – we have several other formats if your event has specific requirements.

We have mobile bars, and can come to a venue of your choice, perhaps an office, hotel or event space, or work with a number of bars and venues we can recommend.

Cocktail Corporate Event Programme

This is a more detailed overview of the cocktail corporate event programme.

  1. Reception Cocktails
  2. Choose your cocktail
  3. Mixing Methods
  4. Enjoy

1. Reception Cocktails

Upon arrival, all of your guests re served a fresh fruit cocktail.

2. Choose your cocktail

Bartenders invite guests to make a selection from the menu, and then invite them behind the bar to make their creation!

3. Mixing Methods

Guests are taken through the drink step by step to create their very own masterpiece.

4. Mixology games

Stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labour and watch a friend try their hand!