Cocktail stars offer bar consultancy to help you design every aspect of your new or refurbished bar, from cocktail menus, fittings and training staff.

Are you setting up a new bar or want to improve your existing bar?

With over 30 years experience in the bar industry, Cocktail Stars provide a unique bar consultancy service for existing bars and new ventures.

Bar Consultancy

Consultancy for New Bars

Many people dream of one day owning a bar, yet the reality of starting a new bar business can be very difficult especially if your previous experience of bars is drinking in them. Even experienced bar owners sometimes need a bit of help but a new bar offers a great opportunity for bar owners. For a new bar we can offer an ‘all inclusive’ bar consultancy service, this is everything you need to get the bar ready in line with your vision.

A full bar consultancy service includes conception of a theme or style, design of the bar taking into account logistics of a working bar right up to training up staff and getting fully certified bartenders.

If you are opening a cocktail bar, training staff and developing a popular and current menu will give you the edge above competitors.

Consultancy Services include:

  • Bar design, manufacture & installation
  • Staff training with certification process
  • Menu consultation & design
  • Liquor / stock control
  • Equipment & product procurement
  • Follow up development
  • Mystery Diners

Consultancy for existing bars

Bars can run very successfully for years but as more competitors pop up on your high street sometimes you need to re evaluate your bar. Many bar owners are too close to their business to look objectively at improvements from a re fit to a new menu.

Cocktail stars offer a bar consultancy service that will help bar owners get ahead of the the game and literally ‘shake up’ their services. We can provide mystery diners for an honest evaluation of your current bar and depending on what your plans are Cocktail stars can help you with a redesign or re fit of your bar, right down to training staff or creating a new and more current drinks menu.