Our cocktail team building experience is a fun and interactive event that can be used to entertain your clients or treat your staff as a corporate event. Proceedings start with some amazing flair and delicious cocktails, quickly followed by some cocktail games where the world’s leading bartenders teach you new skills. What we offer is a unique and light-hearted experience where everyone can bond whilst having fun, and it’s ideal for pre-dinner entertainment.

How It Works

Depending on the group size, our cocktail team building usually takes 3 hours, during which 3 rounds of drinks will be served. On average an additional 1 drink per person will be mixed during the games. There are of course breaks to allow for a drinks service and mingling.

The cocktail team building is a flexible event, and we’re more than happy to accommodate changes to the programme or shorter time periods (see our Lite packages below). We also have several other formats available if your event has specific requirements.

We have mobile bars available, so we can attend a venue of your choice including offices, hotels or any other event space.

Lite Packages

Our lite package is a shorter version of our main cocktail team building event. It takes the same format but over a 1.5 hour time period. During this time there will be 2 rounds of drinks and on average another drink per person during the mixing games.


We’ve worked with many companies over the years, all of which have enjoyed learning to mix it up with the Cocktail Stars. Here are just a few of them:


This is an example of the feedback we get from our clients:

One creative deemed it the best night he’d ever spent with clients – so you guys must have been doing something right. The bar was fantastic and the entire staff absolutely spot on. I can’t really thank you enough and feel a bit guilty that everyone’s thanking me!!
I look forward to working with you again,

Best Wishes,

Cocktail Team Building Event Programme

This is a more detailed overview of the cocktail team building event programme.

  1. Reception Cocktails
  2. Team Introduction
  3. Mixing Methods
  4. Mixology Challenge

1. Reception Cocktails

Upon arrival, all of your guests re served a fresh fruit cocktail and are shown to their seats.

2. Team Introduction

Once everyone is seated, one of our world class bartenders will amaze your guests with a flair routine to music to grab everyone’s attention and break the ice. Our team and programme will be introduced, and they will be prepared for the fun learning ahead.

3. Mixing Methods

Now that we have the full attention of the guests, the interactive experience begins. Everyone is split up into teams and they are asked to carefully observe different cocktail methods used to make classic recipes. Volunteers will then be asked to come behind the bar and make the cocktails themselves. We will judge their efforts out of with a score out of ten, and there will be several rounds using different methods including:

  • Free pouring
  • Shaking & straining
  • Muddling & churning
  • Layering
  • Flair skills

4. Mixology games

Still in the same teams, the guests will be presented with the “mystery bag” and asked to pick two ingredients at random. The bag is filled with a variety of cocktail ingredients; from delicious to “difficult” to mix into a great drink.

Using their newly acquired knowledge of cocktail mixing methods, exotic spirits and liqueurs, they will then be invited to create their own cocktail.

The teams will work together to mix their drinks and create a new concoction. The Cocktail Stars bartenders will be mingling with the teams to add encouragement along the way. The team will then need to present their drink alongside an advert, and points will be awarded for style, taste, name, originality etc.

If this is a team building exercise we can ask teams to create a cocktail to sum up the core value of their company’s brand.

Prizes will be awarded for the best bar team and an individual prizes for bartenders in need of improvement!