Malibu competition

Pubs, bars and clubs across the UK and US will soon be banding together to celebrate world Pina Colada day as Malibu works with bars and clubs to raise brand awareness. This comes as world Pina colada day last year was a huge hit and Malibu have doubled the marketing budget fort this year so they can invite everyone to come and get involved.

More than 7000 bars have signed up to get involved this year and that number is still on the rise until the actual event on Friday 10th of July. The brand is also launching a pimp up your colada day where they will release special recipes to bars that they can then offer patrons in a bid to be able t see which things sell and what the bars want to sell in the future. This will allow them to increase sales along with the bars and clubs doing the same.

Malibu has been sending out its ambassadors to clubs and pubs across the country to be able to get the awareness in for the event. This will help them build a sort of hype and drive the customers in when the big day finally comes about. Malibu has then even gone on to give big festivals free stuff to give away with competitions this summer. This includes visors, sunglasses and bandanas, coconut shaped cups. This will allow people to be able to get involved and get something more than a night out from the massive brand.

The competition is primarily aiming at 18-24 year old males in the party scene but is also targeting females in the same age demographic and some specific smaller older groups. People can win the prizes online too at the Malibu competition website which will give you a prize basically every time you play.