National Cognac Day

With National Cognac day upon us and it being nearly the weekend, we thought it was only right to be able to give you three cocktail recipes that are fit for such an an amazing drink. Take a look!

Between The Sheets

This is an old recipe that is basically an improvement on the original side car. This gives it a twist of a little less cognac and a little more brandy and is for those who aren’t as keen on the cognac as most normal people. You will need 4 key ingredients to start with

–              One ounce of white rum

–              One ounce of cointreau

–              Half an ounce of lemon juice

–              One ounce of cognac

Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker before violently shaking. Then pour the mixture into a chilled glass on top of some ice to be able to really chill the drink as much as possible. The drink is amazing on summer nights and to be able to relax on rooftop bars in humid temperatures with, as it is amazing for cooling you down significantly.

Prescription Julep

This recipe is best enjoyed in the bar. Maybe even at a meal or your favourite golf club in the gardens under the beating sun. This cocktail is for the sweet tooth or the Caribbean taste eccentric. The cocktail itself requires little more ingredients, starting with that all impressive cognac.

–              One and a half ounces of cognac

–              Ten muddled mint sprigs

–              A quarter of an ounce of cane sugar

–              Half an ounce of rye whiskey

–              Glass of crushed ice

–              Quarter of an ounce of Jamaican rum

–              Powder sugar (to preference)

Firstly you will need to muddle nine mint sprigs and cane sugar in a cocktail shaker before adding the ice.

Add all of the other ingredients apart from the powder sugar and one mint sprig before straining this mixture into a julep glass.

To finish it all off garnish it with the powder sugar and the mint sprig. This will add to the overall taste and make the drink seem all that more sweet and impressive.

 Summer Cocktail

The summer cocktail is created to be able to do exactly what it says. Be a cocktail for summer. The blend of cognac and lime zest really allows the summer feeling to come alive and is really refreshing on the pallet. For this cocktail you will need;

–              One and a half ounces of cognac VSOP

–              Two oz of lime soda

–              Four thin slices of fresh ginger

–              One lime zest

–              One piece of cucumber

When you have all of this you will need to put the lime and ginger into a shaker and add half of your cognac (three quarters of an ounce) before pressing it two or three times. Fill the shaker half way with ice then stir this mixture for 5-7 seconds.

Pour the rest of the cognac into the glass, followed by lemon and lime soda and the cucumber.

Strain this out and pour it into glasses to be served straight away.