The common margarita is a favourite cocktail beverage all over the world, usually available in most bars from the local to the high class. However, what about if you could make your own and master a variation or a theme on the drink. A amazing example would be a valentine theme or a Easter theme.

Have a browse of these five margaritas and experiment where you can.

The Classic Margaritas

margarita plain

The classic margarita is pretty known and not hard to make. Just a simple 1.5 ounce of tequila, half a ounce of triple sec, one ounce of fresh lemon and lime and a small pinch of salt (depending on preference.) This commonly and widely available drink is known by everyone for its great and simple taste that pleases all.

Valentine Margaritas

margurita valentineThis puts a pinkish like twist on the classic and gives it more of a sweet taste. It can be made just as easily as the simple margarita but with a additional 1 ounce of Cointreau and a dash of Grenadine. This infuses the margarita with a sweet pinkish look and taste making it perfect for a valentine themed beverage. This would be a perfect mood setter in any sort of situation valentines related as its sweet sweet pinkish nature makes nothing better.

Presidential Margaritas

presidential-margaritaThis higher class and more alluring beverage is reserved for the high life of New York City and Washington DC. The drink its self is simple enough to make as it is only one part brandy, one part tequila, one part Cointreau and lime juice that varies on preference. This makes it versatile to your tastes and needs. I personally advise one limes worth of juice per glass. This margarita is another twist on the classic that adds a sweeter tone but keeps it a very stiff drink to help you relax and chill out in the evenings with friends.

Easter Margaritas

thumbnailThis one is slightly more tricky but so much more rewarding. First of all get some Oreo cookies and Crush them into a fine dust, or at least however fine you can get it. Then slightly dampen the rim of the glass before rubbing it into the Oreo crumbs so get a nice chocolate rim on the glass.  Then make a standard margarita but instead of lime use orange juice and double the amount before adding on table spoon of Hershey’s syrup, a ounce of cream and a ounce of Godiva liquor. This mixes together to make a lovely sweet mixture that would tease the taste buds of anyone this Easter.

Italian Twist Margaritas

Italian-Amaretto-MargaritaThis lovely drink is less of a drink and more of a desert. Start with 4 ounces of amaretto liqueur, 6 ounces of frozen limeade concentrate, 6 ounces of tequila, half a cup of orange juice and 6 cups of crushed ice. Mix it all together in either a shaker of a bowl before pouring into a glass to serve. For extra taste try rimming the glass with sugar to make it blend with the sweetness of the drink. This recipe will serve four servings for the average house hold and is very rewarding for the effort put in.

But always remember these are just some common preferences, always try to experiment where possible to personalise your drink to exactly how you want it.