A wedding is an important day that you will remember forever, hopefully with nothing but fond memories! The Bride, Groom and immediate family might remember every detail, but for most of your wedding guests, perhaps they will just remember the highlights. Here are just a few fun things you can do that mean your guest won’t ever forget your wedding!


Your location is obviously an important factor. If you get married in castle or beach, it’s definitely going to be more unique than the more traditional wedding ceremonies. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth either. There are examples of beautiful weddings held in back gardens, next to lakes, and even on mountain tops!


Traditional wedding food might consist of a starter, main course and dessert while sat down at a table of other guests. However don’t think that this means you have to follow the same format. There are amazing wedding barbecues – it may sound cheap of tacky, but the quality of the freshly grilled food can be amazing. What about a hog roast? A Chocolatier? Or an old fashioned fish and chip stall with cones of chips for guests to much on while they are waiting around during the photographs? The possibilities are limitless.


Making sure you’re able to supply your guests with plenty of celebratory drinks can help ensure everyone keeps their “spirits” up even as it gets late. Cocktail Stars can provide an additional bar service with our mobile bars, offering extra help for a regular bar service or providing cocktails and a touch of flair. They can even welcome the guests with cocktail reception drinks; we’re not thinking Sex on the Beach, but more traditional cocktails like Bellini’s, Mimosa’s and maybe even Pimm’s! This is something everyone can enjoy.

Wedding favours

Unusual wedding favours can be fun. From the cheap and cheerful such as a lottery ticket (imagine if one of your guest won the jackpot!) and penny sweets, through to personalised gifts and things that are just fun to use on the day.

Photo booths

What better way to get some extra memories of the day than a wedding photo booth. Sometimes people don’t like having their photo taken, but on a wedding day everyone is usually glammed up and they look their best. Funny photos taken in a photo booth after a few drinks can be great fun and provide some additional souvenirs and memories of the day.

Wedding band

Before your DJ comes on, you could consider your wedding band. Perhaps you may get a highland band with bagpipes that encourage your guests to a do a little jig on the dance floor, or depending on when you were born a 90’s or 80’s tribute band covering all your favourite tunes from back in the day.