Astronauts don’t get to be able to have that smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of cocktails in the evening. They have to get it all in pre packed bags and sip it through a straw, until now. There is now a cup being created to be able to allow a astronaut the pleasure of having a drink in outer space of whatever takes their fancy without it flowing out of control and getting all around the ship.

This new glass is being created to be able to give the astronaut all the luxuries they deserve for exploring the outer edges of space for us. They are calling this breakthrough “The Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass” basically meaning it does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. The glass works by having sets of grooves that are implanted on the plastic shell. This causes the water to run along them through the laws of physics and that in turn stops it all from getting out and floating as the plastic will attract the water. The only drawback is that the glass can’t hold a large amount of liquid so they would have to be on a reasonably large scale to work with that.

Future developments for this include a layered approach to be able to have the liquid go into a set of groves with groves on top and have it on a layered effect till the top of the glass is reached. The only problem with this method it the pouring of the liquid into the glass but I’m confident they should find something for that.

The team believe that it’s only a number of years until the space life style becomes the norm for the average Joe like me or you. They have set out the make sure that when the first space bar is opened that functionality doesn’t get in the way of style. Meaning that basically the team want people to be able to sit back and relax with a Martini glass rather that a sippy bag and a straw.

spaceman cocktail glass