With summer in full swing it’s about time you got the BBQ out and got cooking with the friends or family, maybe even both? So here are three cocktails to be able to enjoy in the summer’s heat.

Grilled Citrus and Grape Sangria


This is a cocktail that makes the most of the Smokey BBQ flavour and entwines it with the summer grapes and citrus fruits for an amazing taste. You’ll need the following ingredients;

Three cups of stemmed seedless red grapes,

Two oranges cut into half inch slices,

A litre and a half of rose wine,

Eight ounces of simple syrup,

Eight ounces of brandy,

Ice (the exact amount if down to preference)

When you have all this to hand you will need to make a small bowl out of tin foil, or if you have one use a BBQ bowl. Place the grapes on the BBQ for 6 minutes until they start to burst. When around half have burst take them off the flame so as not to boil the juices and lose flavour. Then put the grapes and the juices into a bowl and chill completely before use.

Once the grapes start cooling you will need to grill the lemon and the orange wheels continuously until they become slightly charred. Then extract these from the flame and begin to chill the fruit straight away to lock in the juices. For the best results, try to grill them with no tin foil to let some of the juices escape. This means the sour flavour won’t be as overwhelming later on when you have excess that doesn’t get trapped inside.

Finally get a pitcher and once the fruit has cooled completely combine all of the ingredients. Leave the mixture in the fridge for around 1 and a half hours so that the flavours can have time to settle then serve to your family and friends. It should serve between 6-8 portions all in all so make enough to suit your audience size.

Pimms Punch


No garden party or BBQ could be complete without Pimms setting the mood for the afternoon and evening. This stereotypical drink is served with a twist this time. Your ingredients will be;

Four oz of whiskey,

Three handfuls of mixed fruit,

Quarter of a litre of Pimms,

Dry cider (to preference of strength)

Once you have all of these ingredients you will need to start by putting the cider and the berries together in a jug and leaving them for a few minutes to for the cider to soak into the fruit. Then once you have done this you are free to add the remaining ingredients and stir well.

This twist on a stereotypically classic drink gives a much stronger smokier musky flavour to the drink and makes it even nicer with your grilled meal.

White Wine Spiced Apple and Pear Punch


This is a blend of all things nice. Infusing your sweet tooth loving nature with the summer months it really does stand out at the cocktail table of the BBQ. For this cocktail you will need;

Two hundred grams of caster sugar

Two cinnamon sticks

One lemon

One bottle of fruity wine

One thin sliced apple

One thin sliced pear

Sparkling water (dependent on preference)

Firstly, add the syrup and the wine and refrigerate this for 30 minutes to let the tastes infuse together.

Secondly, add the sparkling water to a pan (we advise 200ml but it’s down to your preference of strength and taste). Then take the vegetable peeler while the water boils and peel to large strips of zest from the lemonade add to the pan. Then continue to boil the mixture for 10 minutes.

Thirdly, add the two mixtures of the chilled syrup wine and the boiled water together. Chill your mixture or serve warm depending on the time of day or night (warm in the night and cold in the day) and add the fruit when you serve to be able to really bring out the flavours.

This is a good drink to be making if you are going to be drinking through the day and night and are looking for something universal that everybody likes.