Pre drink or ‘Prinks’ before going out are very popular, but you don’t want to have too much before you go out you don’t enjoy your night. Here are some fun cocktails that are great for ‘prinks’.

We have all gone for that night in town and had a little before hand. The key thing when doing this has to be getting the balance right of not drinking so little that it was worthless and not drinking so much that it’s simply silly and ruins your night. Here are some weaker cocktails that will make your night perfect with the right balance of sensibleness and fun.

The Liberteathe libretea (1)

This is more of a summer’s drink that you can enjoy relaxing with friends in the garden. The easy to make drink allows you to make a fairly large amount of cocktails so that you’re not going back and re making the cocktails over and over again every time you want a drink.This drink will need; four cups of water, four cups of lemonade, four black tea bags, half a cup of wild turkey bourbon and two cups of American honey liquor.

Then you are going to need to boil the in a pan before taking off the heat. Then add the tea bags and leave it to sink in for 8 minutes. Finally take the tea bags out of the mixture before adding all of the other ingredients to the pan. Get the mixture and place it in the fridge. Once this is done you should leave it for two hours to cool before serving. Serve with a slice of lemon or ice for the best results.


Marco Polothe libretea (2)

The Marco Polo is a Negroni with a twist. The drink adds a few things to the mix and allows the drinks to be infused. Take a look at our recipe. you will need; one oz of gin, one oz of sweet vermouth, one oz of Campari, drop of green cardamom, half a teaspoon of pepper, half a tea spoon of mace, half a tea spoon of coriander and a slice of orange.

Firstly add all of the liquids into a shaker. Then add all of the herbs and spices one by one shaking in-between what you add. Then finally shake violently and strain into cocktail a cocktail glass filled with ice.



The Manzanilla

the manzanilla

This is a Spanish apple cocktail that gives a exotic fruity like nature to the evening. The drink is very low in alcohol and is in one word amazing on the summer nights.To make this you will need two oz of manzanilla sherry, two oz of rhubarb soda and three oz of strawberry limbic ale.

This cocktail made the list as it is the easiest to make. Simply get all of your ingredients in a cocktail shaker and go crazy. Then strain out into a glass with ice.