As we all know, Coca Cola is one of the nicest drinks to quench thirst on a hot summer’s day and is commonly seen now in the fridge of the average family home. So we thought we would give you the three most asked for Coca Cola cocktails.

Fizzy Russian

Fizzy Russian

Leading the march on thirst is the Fizzy Russian. This marvellous creation is there for when a black Russian simply isn’t good enough and Coca Cola is needed. Firstly, we will need to check we have everything to hand. Make sure you have the following;

1 shot glass of vodka,

1 shot glass of Kahlua,

Some ice (to preference),

200ml of Coca Cola.

Then when you’re sure you have it all to hand we can begin to mix our ingredients. Put your ice in a glass first as that way when you pour liquid on top it instantly cools it and makes it feel that little more refreshing. When you have put your ice in begin to pour your other ingredients in.

Start with the Vodka and Kahlua before moving to the Coca Cola. This means that your Coca Cola has a softer landing and stops is becoming volatile and fizzing over the top of the glass. Once it is all poured into the glass successfully, stir it gently before getting out in the sun and enjoying your crisp and refreshing mixture.

This Cocktails Vitals;

Volume – 10.00oz

Alcoholic Units – 2.7

Volume – 9%

Long Island Ice Tea

Long Island Ice Tea

This is an amazing blend of multiple spirits and beverages, infused with the Coca Cola making it even more special and enjoyable. Firstly, as always, check your ingredients;

Half an oz of Bacardi,

Half an oz of Gin,

Half an oz of Vodka,

Half an oz of Tequila,

Half an oz of Cointreau,

One dash of Orange Juice,

Two oz’ of Coca Cola,

Some ice (to preference),

Three Lime Wedges.

Firstly, pour your Coca Cola into a shaker. We would usually put the Coca Cola in last to stop it fizzing too much but with the amount of spirits we will be using its best to put it in first. This is because the spirits are heavier and will burrow through the coke and infuse with it to a greater extent on impact. If you want your drink with a little more fizz then add the Coca Cola last to maintain its beautiful fizzy nature.

Add all of your spirits as fast as possible and position the impact of the liquid in different points on the surface of the Coca Cola if possible. This is to give a better pallet of flavour to the drink when it’s completed. Once you have done this muddle 2 of the lime wedges before adding those to the drink with the ice. Then top it all off with a lime slice to garnish. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of perfection.

This Cocktails Vitals;

Volume – 4.5oz

Alcoholic Units – 3.0

Alcohol by volume – 22%

Rum & Coca Cola

Rum & Coca Cola

There is no possible way we could have made a recipe list about Coca Cola without giving some praise to the essential Rum and Coca Cola combination. This is more than likely where the whole Coca Cola cocktail craze started off, for that reason it deserved a place on our list. For this simple and elegant creation you will only need two key ingredients.

2 oz of Rum

5 oz of Coca Cola

Of course you can change the amounts depending on how much you want. An example being for double the amount, you would use double the necessary ingredients. Simply pour the spirit in first to give it that soft bedding and to take the impact from the Coca Cola. Then you’re all done, you just made possibly one of the easiest yet amazing of the Coca Cola cocktails.

Remember, drink responsibly and use real Coca Cola for maximum taste.