These chocolate cocktails will get you in the mood for Easter or better yet, for the perfect Easter event. Here are some of our favourite chocolate cocktails. (also recommended by our clients)

The Legendary Verrazzano Cocktail

In 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed northbound from Cape Fear in search of riches, he washed up on the Massachusetts shore line. realising 7 slaves from cape fear in the process, not only inspiring a nation but inspiring this marvellous drink in his honour. The Verrazzano.

Blend a bar spoon (5ml) of heavy chocolate syrup, 2 bar spoons (10ml) of pumpkin puree into a glass until a smooth texture remains. Then add 1 and a half oz of applejack, 1 and a half oz of orgeat, a half oz of Ramazzotti Amaro, half oz of fresh lemon juice, 10 ml of aromatic bitters and finally a pinch of cinnamon.

cocktail glass with a lemon twist
To make the cocktail absolutely perfect crush some ice and blend it into the mixture, sit back and raise your glass to such a inspirational man.

The Cocoa Smoke

Taking the spirit of the South American farmers and growers in hand. The Brazilian, Venezuelan and Columbian masterpiece is risen to a whole new level.

Pour 6 ounces of milk into a pot and place on a simmer, whilst its warming up add 1 Cinnamon stick & 1 Chile De Arbol to the mixture until it’s a warm, creamy, fragrant mixture. Now let’s make things interesting. Get a Cup, place a ounce of Del Maguay Vida Mezcal, one table spoon of heavy cream, one table spoon of Demerra sugar and finally one table spoon of cocoa powder inside. While the milk mixture is still hot, add the mixture in the cup and stir¬†together until it’s a lovely smooth, exotic mixture.

creamy chocolate cocktail
For added luxury serve with whipped cream and chocolate shavings to make it perfect.

Blind Russian.

a concoction of chocolate and creamy spirits, perfect for a quick make for that last minute sweet toothed special occasion. This beverage shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to make.

blind russian

Get 1 oz baileys, 1 oz Chocolate liquor, 1 oz Kahlua, one oz butterscotch vodka then 50ml of milk and shake. Finally get a glass and fill it to the top with ice and pour the mixture directly onto the tip of the ice cubes, making it get colder as it runs to the bottom of the glass for the best results. Then sit back and enjoy the beautifully creamy sweet mixture.

Chocolate Long Island.

This drink is the standard long island but with a unique Easter sweet tooth kick. This easy to make drink tastes simply divine and shouldn’t take more then a few minutes to mix up.

Get hold of 1 and a half ounces of Dark Creme De Cacao and half a ounce of vodka and put it in a shaker. Then shake until they are as one together in a smooth mixture. Pour the mixture into a old fashioned glass for added aesthetics and float a tea spoons of chocolate syrup and a tea spoon of cherry brandy gently on the top for a mixture of flavours.

Chocolate glass three
best served with friends in a quiet environment so you can relax and chill out with this crisp tasting beverage in amazing company.