Champagne has long been something for the rich and famous. It’s been more so an art form than a drink that can change the atmosphere of any occasion instantly. However, with people’s wages on the rise and champagne’s prices on the fall, it’s becoming more and more available for the normal person. Here are three champagne cocktail recipes that you can follow from home.

San Remo

San Remo Cocktail

This can be known for having a bit of a kick, so it’s best to enjoy this in good company from home, having friends round or after you have been out.

–              Three ounces of champagne,

–              Half an ounce of triple sec,

–              Half an ounce of mandarin liquor,

–              One ounce of grape fruit,

This cocktail is one of the simplest champagne cocktails to make as you simply add everything to a shaker and shake it up, when you have done this simply strain into a champagne flute over some ice. Afterwards you can add a slice of orange but this is completely optional and doesn’t affect the taste too much.

Caribou Martini

Caribou Martini

This is a champagne cocktail that mixes both coffee vodka and champagne. It is especially for those who love coffee and champagne and can make an amazing edition to a late night drink by being alcoholic and keeping you awake. For this drink you will need two simple ingredients;

–              Two ounces of Coffee Vodka (preferably Stoli Kafya Vodka),

–              Two ounces of Champagne,

You will need to stir the two ingredients together before adding to a glass rimed with sugar.

French 75

french 75

There is no way we could have left this out. Named after a French 75 artillery cannon this champagne cocktail is bound to have a powerful kick.  The champagne cocktail, French 75 was invented in world war one and given to troops in the allied fight and is still big in France to this day. For this recipe you will need;

–              One ounce of Gin,

–              One juiced lemon,

–              One ounce of syrup,

–              Four ounces of champagne,

You need to shake the gin, lemon and syrup violently in a glass, until it makes a lovely smooth mixture then add the champagne to be able to keep it bubbly and crisp. This is a lovely drink to be able to enjoy when the weather gets a little too hot in the summer and you need to cool down.