A lot of celebrities and famous people in North America and the UK are and were big fans of champagne. Here are five iconic celebrities’ with their favourite Champagne tipples.

Roger Moore

Roger Moore, famous for his role in many movies including the James Bond films from “Live and Let Die” to “A View to a Kill” which gives him a high ranking celebs status among his fans and the world. His favourite champagne is Dom Perignon 52′ which comes in at around £3000 pounds a bottle. When asked about his passion for the beverage he said “Any man who drinks Dom Pérignon ’52 can’t be all bad.” Seems like the villain hunter of 007 has a good sense of character.Bond_-_Roger_Moore_-_Profiledom-perignon-vintage-1999











Kim Kardashian

Made famous by her “Meet the Kardashians” TV series and her just shy of 30 million Instagram followers. The Kardashians sister loves to relax with her high end Armand De Brignac. When she was asked about her love for this particular (£800) bottle of champagne, she claims that if she was going to spend mass money on anything she would want it to be champagne. Smart woman.

Kim KardashianArmand-de-Brignac








Napoleon Bonaparte

The French military, political and influential leader is said to have loved his champagne more than anybody. He is also said to have kept 30 bottles of the Jacquesson & Fils-Brut in his ships at all times to be able to relax after a victory. The champagne cost him greatly through his campaign of Central Europe, Russia, and the Americas with the champagne alone coming to around £50,000 a bottle when he was alive and drinking his way through a total of around 200 bottles of champagne. He is once thought to have said “in victory you deserve champagne and in defeat you need it.


Jacquesson & Fils-Brut









Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was partial to the odd champagne when not fighting the war. He believed that Pol Roger was a amazing champagne that all should enjoy, it should also be known that the brand was funding the war effort at the time but never the less the brand was known across the country for making the finest champagne. the champagne its self would have cost a mere £40 in modern currency but with the war going on and most of the worlds funds being plunged into the conflict it is no wonder that it was such a small amount. He is said to have thought very highly of the Americans, claiming that “Meeting Franklin Roosevelt is like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him personally is like drinking it.”

winston churchill

Pol Roger











Daniel Trump

This man likes his bottles of champagne to be immaculate in every sense from the crisp taste to the packaging it comes in. he drinks Louis Roederer Cristal to be able to get this sense of pleasure. One bottle alone comes in at just over 26,000 pounds and has a 24 karat gold packaging. It is of no surprise that they only come around at 200 bottles a year. He is said to be very fond of the bottles saying that a little moderation is good for some but his life is not one for moderation.

donald-trump louis_roederer_limited_edition_cristal_gold_jeroboam_bottle_6g2be