Cocktails Camping

This summer you might be going on a camping trip or going to have a perfect little meal in the field with the other half. Either way you’re going to need something to drink. Whether you are male or female, drink or don’t touch alcohol this post will have something for you. We have handpicked these three cocktails so that they won’t separate in the bottle and you can enjoy them outside, take a look.

For the ManPenny Black Cocktail

We are going to go stereotypical here and just make the assumption that most men like whiskey, it’s basically a fact anyway as who doesn’t? The only problem with whiskey is that it has high sugar content and can make the cap of a bottle stick if it gets in the grooves and the last thing we all want is to get into the middle of nowhere and not be able to open our drink. So here is our pick of the year for this cocktail.

Here you have it, the Penny Black. Firstly you need to check you have everything or at least write this down for a shopping list.

So you will need 50ml of Scotch Whiskey (recommended is JB rare scotch as it won’t have the cap problem as described above)

25 ml of Pink Grape Fruit juice

25 ml of honey syrup

10ml of Lemon Juice

2 dashes of Bitters (preferably your favourite flavour)

A cherry

You will then need to get your jigger out and pour the liquids into the jigger making sure the honey is last to go in. and adding some ice. Then shake until you feel the metal sides of the shaker go cold. This is when the ice has taken full effect on the drink should be completely mixed. You should then strain into a bottle and pop a cherry in the neck of the bottle. This is important as when the liquid is in your bag or pocket the cherry will stay in the neck and when it comes to drinking the drink the liquid will have to run past the cherry to reach your mouth giving it a strong flavour. Remember once mixed to wet the lid before placing it on the bottle so that the sticky rim of the bottle doesn’t have time to dry and take effect. If you are drinking more than an hour after making the cocktail then you should consider dampening the rim of the bottle and giving it a quick clean before placing the lid on to the bottle to get rid of anything sticky. This drink will have roughly two units in it so as always please drink reasonably.

For the Woman

Dill of the Dill cocktail

This is a drink made especially for the woman which has a spring of dill in the drink to really bring out the flavours. This Dill of the DIll cocktail goes especially well with small light foods like sandwiches and is especially nice in the summer as the taste almost radiates the summer surroundings of you.

For this recipe you will need;

50 ml of Gin

25ml of Lemon Juice

20ml of Elderflower Syrup

20ml of Cucumber Water

2 pieces of spring of sill

One Pinch of Smoked Salt

First fill a shaker with ice before adding the gin to the shaker and shaking to cool the gin and line the shaker. Then add the lemon juice, elderflower syrup, cucumber water, dill and smoked salt to the shaker before shaking again until the sides of the shaker have again turned cold. At this point the drink is ready to be strained into a bottle and drank when you are on your summer adventure. This drink will have roughly three units in it so as always please drink reasonably.

For the non Drinker

Shirley Temple

There is always a few who don’t want to drink and that’s fine when you have one of our amazing mock tails to hand. The mocktail this time will have to be the one and only Shirley Temple. This drink has to be one of the best known mocktails of all time and had to crop up somewhere.

To make this you will need;

40ml of Soda Water

5 Mints Leaves

30ml Apple Juice

20ml Lime Juice

12ml Elderflower

1 spring of Mint

Then you will need to add all of the liquids into a mixture before shaking violently and leaving for a minute to combine. While you wait crush up some mint leaves and by the time you’re done the cocktail should be settled. Once you have crushed the leaves crush some ice and put the leaves and the ice into the shaker and shake again. This time as soon as you have finished shaking it you will need to strain it all into a bottle ready for your journey that day.