We used a lot of branded Vodka in our cocktail making events and we find some people have their favourites. There are a lot of players in the vodka industry at the moment and some of them stand out for superiority more than others. Take a look.


The most common and popular vodka throughout the world would have to be Smirnoff for its high quality mixed with affordability. This has been a main factor in your drinks for basically a life time as Smirnoff has been distilled in Moscow and is enjoyed throughout the world since the earlier 19th century in Moscow and has been a symbol for quality since since.


Founded in 1873 in the mountains of Sweden the crisp taste of Absolut had always been high proof vodka that has been known to be included in the higher class bars for a usually higher price. This vodka comes next as although it does not come as cheap as Smirnoff it comes with a higher quality and brutal taste which is much needed on a more chilled colder night out in the more northern and relaxed countries.


This vodka comes from the polish low lands where mountains aren’t as much there. The polish people used the grass to make the vodka giving it a rare and unique taste and making this very popular vodka in countries in the east of Europe and Asia. This is vodka that you will see in the more rural countries more than the built up Western Europe and America. Never the less it has a very distinct taste and a love or hate feeling about it.


The Svedka brand is a vodka brand that is based in the US and sells throughout the US and South America. This is the 7th biggest vodka brand in America and the forth in the world. This allows the vodka a place on our list as a massive name in the vodka world and this is a spot it earns as if it can make a name in the club scenes of Miami and the cocktail scene of New York it can thrive anywhere.

Grey Goose Vodka

This is a popular vodka brand based in the heart of France and it is sub owner by Bacardi who enforce quality in all areas.  This was founded in 1996 by Sidney Frank and since then has been giving a higher standard of quality then all the other vodkas on this list but coming with a higher price. The Grey Goose Vodka is a drink commonly used in the high class clubs and bars at a high price for its distinct and crisp natures and for that reason it has came in at or number five.

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