Cocktails From The Moves

The cocktail has always been a part of the sophisticated movie directors creations ranging from James bond to The Blues Brothers Here are just a few.

James Bond – Dukes, England

Dukes Bar

This is a hotel and a bar that has created the “shaken not stirred” line from the bond movies. The bar its self is legendary for not actually having a set cocktail menu but instead people come in and simply say what they want and the bill is priced at the end of their night. The bar staff can make nearly every concoction you could think of and what they can’t make they will ask you to come back to the bar in ten minutes so that they can learn. It’s a simply amazing place to be if you have a unique taste.

Lebowski – Lebowski, Iceland

Lebowski Bar

The Icelandic bar is one of few bars in the country as it has such a small population. So much so that there is 8 times more people living in Manchester then Iceland, That doesn’t even include the outer Manchester regions. The tiny countries Bar is so famous for the invention of the white Russian in the movie which is drunk frequently throughout.

Inglorious Bastards – Basement Taverna, Germany

Inglorious Bastards

The bar its self is now a restaurant and wine tasting bar. It is a well known local bar and serves people from the surrounding towns and villages. There is now a sign in the bar to let patrons know that it was the bar from the movie. Open from around 12 mid day and closing around 2 AM the family run bar gets its fair share of nightlife.

Lord of the Rings – Tolkien-ization, New Zealand

Green Dragon Pub

The pub that the hobbits go to in the fellowship of the ring is now a real pub as well. This means that you can actually go to the authentic lord of the rings pub through the shire low circle arch ways and be with the hobbit local population. Well worth a visit and a place on the intrepid explorers bucket list. The pub is now also for hire so people can rent out the actual lord of the rings pub for their birthdays and have hobbits come along too.

Blues Brothers – Bob’s country Bunker, America

Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers is a timeless classic and the bar from it stands with the same status. The chicken wire to stop beer being thrown is still in place and was there for this reason well before the movie. This has to be on the bucket list of any movie lover for miles around.