Romania’s master barmen¬†have now invented a piano that can mix cocktails depending on what notes and the pitch they use when they play live in there pub.

The clever barmen at one of Romania’s small country side pubs have managed to make whiskey and other slightly heavy dull drinks go on the low notes and the fruity lively drinks on the high notes. This is so they can hire pianists to come in and play themes and sell the produce. The reasons for this is that it is easy to lay out by going from whiskey to fruit juice as you get higher up the notes. The idea came when one of the barmen noticed that when a depressing low noted band played the audience got heavier drinks but when pop groups and lively upbeat groups came on stage that people bought fruitier more colourful concoctions. The piano can also be tuned to play on class for example a Beethoven Fur Elise piece makes a high class Manhattan if played correctly.

The pair of aspiring barmen wish to make the piano a mass produced thing and tweak it to make it more impressive as they tour pubs and bars around the country with their music beverage creating skills. They however are just awaiting a patient before they can begin producing the piano’s to sell them to the general public and other pubs across the globe. The piano will be a great success in our opinion as it is clear for me that most bars would buy it for special events. It’s pretty simple to work out how it works, basically as you press a key the impulse releases a very small amount of liquid from the correlating drink. This means that a full song could play for a certain amount of servings and that amount can be regulated before the song is played.