bar flair - cocktail 1988 Tom Cruise

Bar Flair is a fun and entertaining way of serving drinks, made most famous in the 80’s by Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail, bar flair is an elaborate way of mixing drinks. Although flair bartending is very popular at the moment, it dates back to the early 19th century where bar tenders would use flaming whiskeys and steaming water to mix cocktails.

Entertaining guests with flair bartending

Flair bartending is a more flamboyant way of mixing your cocktails, instead of shaken or stirred your cocktail fly’s, spins and loops the loop. The destination is the same but the journey is much more enjoyable for guests.

You may remember in Britain’s Got Talent, 2007, the bar wizards famously showcased how talented bar tenders can be and how much fun it can be to watch them.

Guests at parties and events love to see bar flair, from bartenders juggling bottles to setting drinks on fire bar tenders demonstrate some fantastic choreography when mixing what would be a simple cocktail.

At Cocktail stars, the cocktails only make up part of the service, we make sure that depending on your event we entertain your guests or employees with games, team building activities and bar flair.