5 signs you're a good bar man

There are a million different ways to be a good bartender but here are a few small little things that any good bartender would think of;

  1. Quality always crosses your mind – when pouring drinks the first and the last thing you should think about is making sure that drink is the best you could possibly make it. Don’t cut corners or anything else just make sure you put your everything in to everything?
  2. You know never to short pour – some bad bars might short off the customer by pouring slightly less into the drink than is needed or by uses the wrong ratios for a cheaper result. This is a no, short pouring will yes give you a boost of profit worth about 10p but when people find out and stop coming to your bar you’ll get no profit at all. Think about it.
  3. You know that lemon and lime are different to sour mix – They taste different and although some people won’t recognise this a large minority will so do your home work and don’t assume they’re the same.
  4. When somebody asks what a drink is you actually tell them and don’t quote the menu – This is key because not only can the person asking usually have the ability and common sense to read but if you quote the menu they could get offended by you. Best thing to do is to simply tell them how it’s made and what’s init because at the end of the day if you don’t know this then how are you going to make it anyway?
  5. You know the customer knows best for their own choices – Yes, you are a barman but everybody have their own taste and you changing a drink into something you like or simply just telling somebody what they should buy is always a no! If somebody asks for a recommendation then fair enough but apart from that never push your opinion onto the customer.

All in all if you follow this advice and practise your skills you should be a pro barman in no time.